From humble beginnings back in 2012, Cook du Kdu had 10 year of tastefull experience from one small Take away shop in Noida to a much-loved take away restaurant brand in Delhi NCR that is now planning to spreading to other part of Delhi NCR only.
We love to see our family is getting bigger and that our franchisees are such good brand ambassadors. Our franchise package has been carefully designed to create a new Cook du Kdu, which provides an eating experience every bit as tasty, satisfying and fun as the original – working together, there are endless opportunities to run Cook du Kdu and spice up high streets everywhere!
Frequently asked franchise questions
What support do you provide?
We’ll give you all the support you need to get your Cook du Kdu ready for launch. This includes training for the franchisee and Outlet manager – from food preparation and day-to-day operations to managing budgets and finance and maintaining the Cook du Kdu standards. We’ll also provide marketing support so that everyone hears about the exciting new Cook du Kdu opening.

What costs are involved?
Franchisee Set up cost 15 lac to 20 lac depending on space and outslook , The franchise agreement is based on a five-year renewable agreement. In addition to the initial franchise fee, there is an ongoing royalty fee and marketing fee, both of which are based on a percentage of gross sales. These fees are kept deliberately low because we want to encourage success.

How long does the training take?
Our full and comprehensive training programme takes place over four weeks – you’ll be up and running in next to no time!

I’ve never run a restaurant before but am totally sold on Cook du Kdu. Would I still be considered as a franchisee?
Restaurant experience is an advantage but not essential. We tailor our training programme accordingly to take account of this.

What do you look for in a franchisee?
More than anything, we look for a genuine enthusiasm for the brand and a desire to give customers a fantastic food experience.

I already run a restaurant. Would it be possible to switch it to a Cook du Kdu?
Yes! Having a suitable location is a real bonus and our clever interior design package means we can quickly transform your premises into a great looking Cook du Kdu!

Can I talk to another Cook du Kdu franchisee so that I can get more of a feel for the business?
If you’d like to chat to another Cook du Kdu franchisee over the phone – or even go and visit them at their restaurant – we’ll get that organised.

What happens if someone wants to open another Cook du Kdu nearby?
Never going to happen! Competition with other food brands is healthy, pitching one Cook du Kdu against another would be totally pointless. We take great care to avoid over-saturation in any one area and every Cook du Kdu has its own protected territory.

Our franchise program offers opportunities for single unit / multi-unit franchises in designated markets across the UK.
Assistance with the key sources of wealth and strategies for us to grow better as business operators and entrepreneurs. You will be privileged with these key benefits.
• Well-defined and testified business format
• Local store marketing
• Operational support
• Product/Service training
• Pre-opening, grand opening support
• Brand-building
• Marketing strategy
• Point of Sale system
• Site selection
• Store build-out
• Unique Recipe and menu development
• Vendor and equipment selection
• Under Operational support, this program also aids with :
• Management Assistance
• Accounting procedures
• Personnel and Facility Management
• Merchandising and Promotion
• A Winning Partnership
• Minimal investment risks
• Equity and Value
• Proven Business Model
• Prestige and Influence
• Complete Control over training business conduct and manpower
• Reduced operation costs
• Better Branding and Exclusive Promotion
• Exclusivity of Territory
• Vast promotional tie-up
Franchise Support
Committed to establishing impeccable operations at every location. She provides our franchise partners with all the essential resources and support needed to succeed and grow continually. She assists you with the perks listed below.
• In selecting sites and feasibility study
• In constructing Restaurant and Kitchen layout
• In selecting equipment and Personnel
• Vendor support during project execution
• Providing products/raw material from the production unit to maintain uniform standards
• Guidelines and procedures of operations to run the business efficiently
• Branding and promoting identity
• Advertising campaigns for Publicity and Market Presence
• An audit team to run monthly audits for the Standard Recipe and Standard portion Size
• A quality team to ensure the operations’ quality and an effective cost-related support
• Well-seasoned, leading, world-class Restaurant pros to run periodic visits to identify if there are needs for – upgrade/ maintain/ improve business standards.